Tokyo Smoke

In 2017, Canada became the first country to legalize recreational cannabis at the federal level. With this, not only did we see the (theoretical) end of a broken prison system full of drug war casualties, we saw the rise of a new industry.


Tokyo Smoke, as a Toronto-based group of cannabis lifestyle cafés, already had a strong sense of who they were as a brand and a notable presence in the Canadian cannabis world. Our team at Jackman was tapped to help launch their dispensary retail experiences with 4 prototype stores in Winnipeg which would set the tone for their entire fleet.

We helped Tokyo Smoke develop the overall retail strategy, the product categorization hierarchy, physical space & fixture design, the means by which visitors browse and purchase, educational materials / experiences and most importantly — how people feel from the moment they enter the space until the time they leave.


Always practice
safe sesh.


This was a once-in-a-lifetime project for me.
There isn't an element in those stores that I didn't touch at one point or another.

We helped define the retail experience from the crawling ant to the leaping antelope; starting with the overall retail strategy right down to what each and every product card in the space says.



Tokyo Smoke




CD Bev Vaters
ACD, Design & Copy Matt Rennick
Enviro Fred Thwainy, Michelle Chan

Graphic designer Yan Li

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