The Brothers Neal.

It can't go without saying, right off the top, that Chris & Peter Neal are two of the most incredible humans I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Salt of the earth, lemme tell ya.

30 years. That's how long it had been since Chris & Peter have been making killer snacks from the best ingredients they could find. They'd done a few small-scale rebrands in that time but we all figured it was time for something more dramatic. So we did it.


We started with their brand ID and packaging, landing on something that would help set them apart in the sea of sameness that is the snack aisle. The larger order was to capture, what I believe to be the essence of the brothers' personality — a bit tough and gritty on the outside and nothing but goodness inside. The brothers, like the ingredients they use to create their food, truly are so good together.

The food photography was masterfully styled by Nicole Young, shot by Jodi Pudge, and retouched by Carson Jones which won the 2019 Applied Arts Award for packaging photography. 

Neal Brothers – ‘Project Goodness’ – Tortillas
Neal Brothers – ‘Project Goodness’ – Tortillas
Neal Brothers – ‘Project Goodness’ – Chips
Neal Brothers – ‘Project Goodness’ – Salsa
Neal Brothers – ‘Project Goodness’ – Salsa

We then moved to find ways to help them relaunch the brand with a series of campaigns, and ultimately after working through a bunch of concepts before introducing the brothers to Republic who helped Peter & Chris relaunch with some real impact.


As a final parting gift, I broke out my leather working tools and some pieces of scrap leather to lace the brothers with some custom wallets so they can carry their new ID with them wherever they go.



Neal Brothers




CD Bev Vaters
ACD, Design Marc Caringal, Matt Rennick
ACD, Copy Deric Moore

AD Olivia Harrison

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