The times, they are a changing... And for large-scale retailers like JC Penney, if they don't change with them, they die. With a new CEO in Jill Soltau, who we'd worked with on Joann, the iconic American department store was ripe for reinvention. So, that's what we did.

My primary role was to help develop some of the branded service offerings and build out in-store signage systems that would help visitors navigate and make product selections in a 200,000 square foot brand-defining store in Hurst, Texas.

Traditionally, JCP organized their stores and focused their communications on specific product offerings — our strategy demanded that we prioritize, instead, the life-moments that make those purchases important to people.

We shot on-location in Texas with Andy Klein to create in-store visuals that moved Penneys toward moments, rather than product, as the focus.


Of several major strategic imperatives, one that really resonated with me was to give space back to the visitors. In addition to the introduction of several lounge spaces within the retail environment — we updated their in-store salon, introduced a proper barber shop, built out a fitness / yoga space, and created the Style + Substance workshop program which offers visitors real world skills and inspiration.


JC Penney




CD Bev Vaters, Cristiano Cartolano
ACD Design Julie Bisson, Matt Rennick, Ocean Ronald
ACD, Copy Deric Moore
AD, Brand Brendan Gore 

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