Trouble Sleep Yanga Wake AM

Inspired by Fela's "Trouble Sleep Yanga Wake AM" recorded in Lagos, Nigeria in 1972. Designed in August 2020 in Toronto, Ontario.


I sat on this project for a while but on Fela's birthday, amidst mass #EndSARS protests on the streets of Lagos and across the country against the rampant murder and abuse of the Nigerian Special Anti-Robbery Squad, I decided that there was a little something I could do to help.

Violence on the streets of Lagos may be out of the news cycle, many of the organizations have stopped fund-raising, but that doesn’t mean that the conditions that created the crisis are over — the release of this shirt comes with it a commitment to send 100% of the money received to benefit the people of Nigeria.

100% of proceeds go to  Mirabel Centre, Kokun Foundation, and Serap Nigeria.

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I am currently living and working as a Creative Director in Toronto. I'm always open to riding new waves so if you've got something in mind, let's get pitted. So pitted.